The End. The Story continues …

Learning how to create a blog, and the perseverance to maintain the dialogue over three years has been a huge benefit to me. I now have a record of a very special time in my life, all the learning, all the exhibitions visited, visual research, thinking. My life and artistic practice has shifted southwards to Devon, with the aim of being more environmental, ecologically more sustainable, growing our own organic food, shopping locally, slowing moving towards zero packaging, recycling whatever we are able. A more mindful existence which wasn’t achievable for me in an urban landscape. Studio-wise, a pigsty is going to be tidied up a bit (actually it needs a LOT of work but it’s a pigsty, and it’s a kiln room – neither of which should traditionally be clean and truly free of cobwebs. Other spaces have been allocated for clay-making, jewellery, a textile corner, with an area for drawing and other stuff. Inviting the public into the studios during September 2019 is the motivation and deadline we need to transform the buildings into useable creative spaces. Devon Open Studios will run from 7 – 22 September 2019.

Meanwhile … the story continues

House Made From A Hole blog, records the highs and lows of moving to your ‘dream’ home, beginning with three months homeless and camping with Robin Shelton. The joys and tribulations of undertaking a ‘bit of a project’. Found at

The Head Gardener is our gardening website. Robin Shelton offers a bespoke horticultural service, with excellent plant knowledge, and a flare for design. Found at

Alison Brown makes is my new website showcasing ceramics primarily, but will be peppered with anything else that currently interests me. Found at

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