Somerset Art Weeks – Step in Stone

Visit: Sunday 18 October 2015

I saw this installation on the website for Somerset Art Weeks and as it was textile based was intrigued enough to drive to Fairy Cave Quarry to see it for myself.  Approached from above it looks like a collection of random organza tents with things inside but a massive amount of work had gone into constructing little caravans that were arranged in concentric circles where the tallest ones sat on the further reaches of the rings.  Each tent was constructed on a woven twig base which alternated between those that had wheels and those without.  The tents were tethered to the ground with rope tied around rocks found around the quarry. Inside were a wide variety of artefacts and made objects relating to the the area. Sally says “These Mendip quarries in themselves commemorate the regions valuable contribution to the industrialisation of Britain. I aim to stimulate conversations and awareness about the values and impacts of quarrying and the future security of the Mendips and its communities.” 

It was certainly a rewarding and intricate artwork; each tent revealing cast wax objects or sprouting grass chairs, bits of machinery or cotton garments covered in flies.

Kidall, S. (2015) Firma, there’s no place like home. [installation] Somerset: Fairy Cave Quarry.

Step in Stone. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26 October 2015].

Photos: Brown, 2015.

IMG_2996 IMG_3001 IMG_2998

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