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This is a blog chronicling my journey through a Masters degree at Bath Spa University starting September 2015 through to January 2018.

Art School life is very different from when I studied Ceramics at Camberwell School of Art in London thirty years ago!  I don’t think Harvard had thought of referencing then and the Art History Dept certainly didn’t talk bibliographies, plus it seems that my tutors, such as Jacqui Poncelet and Ewen Henderson were all Postmodern and never even knew it!

I will endeavour to regularly post all that interests me; things which I’ve seen, read or made, thereby mapping a journal of my travels in the world of creative making and thinking.

Initially, I enrolled to study Fashion & Textiles and completed two modules, then when opening a book on Gillian Lowndes at Ruthin Craft Centre, North Wales in June 2016 (she was a former tutor at Camberwell) I experienced a lightbulb moment. Returning to Bath, I spent the rest of the summer in the ceramic workshops experimenting with felt and clay slip, before making a complete transition to the Ceramics Department in September. I am excited to see where this change in focus is going to take me, but I now know that it will be materials based, and mixing media.

To read what happens next … look at alisonbrownceramics.wordpress.com

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